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Empowering stylists to build their dream
business on their own terms.

Fringe Salon is a booth rental salon located in Scotts Valley. Our mission is to create a positive, welcoming environment for stylists to meet their maximum potential, and create a lifestyle that suits their needs and enhances their lives.

Hair Salon Scotts Valley


We stay up to date with the latest service  techniques and trends for those looking to elevate guest experience. We also strive to offer quarterly in salon classes. Our priority is your success.


Our salon regularly posts on social media and creates local advertisements  to boost awareness of services and experiences offered at no expense to our renters, as well as branding photoshoots twice yearly.


We offer full time and part time booth rental, stylists are permitted to work as much, or as little, as they prefer. There are no limitations on days or hours available.


Fringe receives appointment requests regularly. With the majority of our stylists having a full book, this leaves endless growth opportunities for building upon your preexisting clientele base.


Fringe Hair Salon provides towels, capes, on-site laundry, amika back bar, sparkling and still water, snacks, and ample parking right in front to maximize the experience you offer to guests. Our salon is team based, which means each idea is taken into consideration, you can rest assured that your thoughts are valued.


After one year contracted, stylists receive one week of rent-free vacation time. Fringe Salon also offers four weeks of rent-free maternity/paternity leave whether you are having a biological child or adopting, as we understand the importance of being at home with family.


Rent is due by the fifth of each month.

Full time renters have 24/7 access to their stations, are welcome to work whichever days best suit them, and can change their schedule throughout the month however they see fit. Full time rent is $960.00 a month.


Part time renters have access to their stations on the pre scheduled days decided, possibility to change schedule with 60 days notice.

Three days a week- $720.00 a month

Two days a week- $480.00 a month

One day a week-$240.00 a month

Rent breaks down to $60.00 a day with four days a week considered full time.

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